December 5, 2023
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2013 Groppo Trail

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£29,999.00 GBP

We are thrilled to have this lovely example of a Groppo Trail for sale. Listed with us exclusively G-ROFS is located at our home base in Henstridge, Somerset in the South West of England.

Their are two variants of the Groppo and apart from their undercarriage configurations, the XL (tricycle) and Trail (tailwheel) they are essentially the same aircraft, with common layout, aerodynamics, dimensions and engine choices.

The high wings constructed of aluminium have constant chord and blunt tips. They are braced to the lower fuselage with a single lift strut on each side. The ailerons are piano hinged, with plain flaps inboard. Fin and rudder are straight edged and swept but the cantilever horizontal surfaces are rectangular; the port elevator carries a trim tab. Both wing and tailplane are of an aluminium construction and can be folded back for transport, the wings rotating by 90° about their axis to lie alongside the fuselage making the wing fold one of the easiest out their, being undertaken by a single individual in as little as 5 minutes.

The flat sided fuselage is built around a welded chrome-molybdenum steel frame which is skinned with riveted metal. A composite cowling covers the flat-four engine which like Oscar Foxtrot may be a 100 hp Sauer S 2400 UL engine, driving a Hercules two-blade propeller. The cockpit seats two in tandem under the wing, with a transparency built into the leading edge for a better upward view from the front seat. There is a wide, upward hinged, starboard side glazed door for access into both seats. There is a rear-view transparency in the fairing behind the accommodation, over the tapered fuselage.

The Trail has a fixed main with steerable tailwheel undercarriage, the mainwheels mounted onto the lower fuselage on cantilever aluminium spring legs. Ground steering is by differential hydraulic brakes. Larger wheels are an option for rough ground operation.

G-ROFS really puts the fun factor into flying with its short field, low running cost and joy to fly capabilities.

Total fuel 60 litres
80 knt cruise
Interior: Standard
Exterior: Blue & Grey
Funkwerk TRT800H LCD Transponder
Funkwerk ATR833-LCD Transceiver (8·33 kHz spaced)
MGL Avionics RPM gauge
MGL Avionics engine monitor
Air Speed Indicator (ASI)
Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
Turn & Slip
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Voltage meter
Ampere meter
Electronic trim
Electronic carb heat

Interior – 8/10
Exterior – 8/10

YEAR: 2013
MODEL: Groppo Trail Mk1
AIRFRAME HOURS: 328 (+/- 5hrs)
ENGINE MAKE: Sauer S 2400 UL
ENGINE HOURS: 328 (+/- 5hrs)
PROP MAKE: Hercules
PERMIT: Expires 29/06/2024
EMPTY WEIGHT: 683lbs (310kgs)
MTOW: 1146lbs (520kgs)

PRICE: £29,999.00 GBP

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3475 9255
+44 (0)7568302334

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