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Price: £220 Fixed

Cherokee SIX & Arrow IV for hire

July 25, 2023
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from £220/tacho

Invicta Aero Club based at Rochester Kent have added an new aircraft to the fleet. We now have two complex type aircraft to hire for touring and trips.

Our fleet now comprises of

Cessna 152 Aerobat = £135/tacho
Bellenca Citabria 7ECA = £160/tacho
Piper Archer II = £190/tacho
Piper Arrow IV = £220/tacho
Piper Cherokee SIX £270/tacho

All our aircraft are very well presented, all come with everything you need, Garmin Pilot on ipads for Nav, notams, weather, flight planning submissions, and our bespoke electronic flight bag.

Contact us today, click on our website for more details, you will find this a more cost effective way to hire aircraft in the SE than any club/ School and gives you more choice than ownership/shares.

All training requirements are carried out in house, with two examiners, numerous freelance instructors and great availability on all the aircraft.


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