November 24, 2023
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RV-14A Empennage Kit

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RV-14A Empennage Kit (without LCP)

This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to build the RV-14 but doesn't want to wait months to start the journey, the emp kit is basically untouched. The work that has been done is only on the VS sub-kit - a number of parts have been deburred, prepared and primed. Nothing has been riveted together at all, so you essentially have a full kit to begin your building journey.

This kit does NOT contain any of the problematic laser cut parts, luckily, my kit was delivered to me on Sept 5th 2023, by which time the issue was well known and Vans had stopped putting laser cut parts in the shipped kits. This does mean that there are some parts on backorder, those should be shipping very soon, the last email I had said they were just waiting on 1 more part to complete the backorder and ship it.

Note that I ordered the A kit (nosewheel), but you can easily place the order for the additional parts required from VANS to turn this into a tailwheel kit if that's what you'd like to build.

Given the size of the wooden shipping crate (the original one VANS packed it into), this is a collection only item, everything can be packaged up into that crate for easy transport in a LWB van, I can provide the dimensions to serious buyers.

Here's a breakdown of what I paid for the kit, shipping and import duty:

- Kit price (includes tail/strobe light): $6,130 (£5,000)
- Shipping: £1,249.12
- HMRC Import Duty: £965.87

Total paid by me: £7,242.76

With everything going on at Vans right now, there's a good chance that kit prices will increase significantly (could be 20%+), I'd like to recover as much of my cost as possible, but appreciate there's a small hit I'll need to take.

Therefore I am looking for £6,000.

Cleveland Tool Kit RV-14

Please note, that I do not want to sell the toolkit on it's own until the Emp kit has sold.

In addition to the Empennage kit, if you were interested in the tool kit to kick off building straight away, then I am also willing to sell my Cleveland Tools RV-14 Kit, it's also practically untouched other than some light use of the tools as required for the parts that I began work on.

Total paid by me: $3,409.24 (£2,750) + import duty

Seeking £2,500 for the tool kit.

Kit + Tools
If someone would like both the Emp kit + tools I will discount further to a total of £8,000.

Contact Information
Phone: 07706 071100
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