June 7, 2023
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Jet Provost T MK3A GBVEZ XM479

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Jet Provost Mk3A GBP 3500

Shares Available - Jet Provost T MK3A GBVEZ XM479 – Church Fenton Based.

We now have 2 shares available in our stunning 1960 Jet Provost Mk3A, one of only 3 Mk3’s flying in the UK. This is a rare chance to be allowed to fly a piece of British history and would be within the abilities of a competence PPL with around 200hrs after suitable training.

The jet is now based at Leeds East which has excellent facilities including hangarage for the aircraft, pilot briefing facilities and ground support.

Training on type will be carried out by one of our 2 instructors who live locally and have excellent availability. Typical conversion time to type would be 5 to 10 hours to solo depending on experience and once qualified and having amassed 10hrs P1 on type you would be free to carry passengers.

This is a very different type of flying to your general GA aircraft with a typical sortie lasting 30-45mins however given the higher speeds and rate of climb you can fit an awful lot into that time.
The aircraft is relatively easy to fly being a basic trainer but more complex to operate than a typical GA type due to higher speeds, more complex systems and is also aerobatic.

Initial capital buy-in for the share is only £3500 with monthly fees of £230, No additional hourly charges apply apart from the fuel you consume, landing fees and any instructor expenses etc.

Cost depends entirely on how the aircraft is flown and will vary with the price of Jet A1, a typical sortie is around £400-500 wet at this time however you can take advantage of the existing CAA cost sharing rules when carrying passengers.

The jet had a fresh annual at the start of the year and is available to be flown all summer. There are also cost sharing opportunities with other group members and the ability to attend air shows as crew or as pilot once qualified. The jet will be attending RIAT 2023 so do come and say hi!

Why not challenge yourself to try something new in aviation before the opportunity is gone forever!

Please contact us on the below where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or arrange a trial flight.

Des Hart
Email: deshartua@aol.com
Mob / Text / Whatsapp: 07393 280310

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